Alchemy launches tool that allows devs to start building dApps within 4 minutes

Alchemy, a web3 development platform, is releasing a new tool to help developers create web3 applications faster, the company exclusively told TechCrunch.

The tool, “create-web3-dapp,” will help builders start their application within four minutes, Elan Halpern and Vitto Rivabella, product leads at Alchemy, noted.

“Web3 is so new,” Rivabella said. “Everyone is experimenting and new protocols are coming out every day. We wanted to create a package infrastructure layer that’s flexible as possible to accommodate all the web3 needs developers have.”

The tool will be compatible with Alchemy-supported blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and more, Rivabella noted. It also plans to include other protocols and software development kits in the future, he added.

“Taking a step back, our overall goal and mission at Alchemy is to make developers’ lives easy and make it super easy to build web3 applications,” Halpern said. “As we continue to talk to more developers in the space and understand their problems and needs, those tools are continuing to expand.”

One of the large barriers to entry for developers who are building, testing and want to launch an application was their end-to-end setup, Halpern said. “Developers needed basic tools and resources to build a dApp.”

Most tutorials or workshops that teach developers how to build a dApp will usually have 10 or more steps before builders can even begin working on their project, Halpern noted. “So we’re deleting those steps and making it one step, so you can get started right away.”

Halpern compared the new tool to making a pizza.

“The hardest part is making the dough from scratch, forming it together and baking the dough, and once you’ve done that it’s just about topping it. And anyone can top a pizza,” Halpern said. “Our goal is to give the developers the pizza dough so they can throw their own toppings on it. It’s a basic infrastructure setup that they need to build their dApp, and now they can do what they want with it and start their work right away instead of spending a lot of time on setup.”

The tool is a baseline template, so any application, from DeFi exchanges and swaps to analytic platforms and NFT marketplaces, can be built through this tool, Halpern noted. As it stands, building web3 dApps is hard, Halpern said. But tools like this one and others coming to market will help lower the barrier to entry and make it easier for developers to enter the space.

While the tool isn’t exactly for nontechnical people, it expands the opportunities for experienced and novice developers alike to start a fully fledged dApp just by following its setup questions.

“What builders need to do to make web3 adoptable is create solutions where web3 is the only solution,” Rivabella said. “With the create-web3-dapp, we’re trying to accommodate this need and be flexible enough to bring innovation into the future and real solutions into the web3 space.”

Alchemy launches tool that allows devs to start building dApps within 4 minutes by Jacquelyn Melinek originally published on TechCrunch

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